About Us

A Miami-Dade Company, Skyline Construction and Restoration Corporation is a customer driven, professional, and detail-oriented firm with deep roots within our community. Decades of experience in restoration projects, such as yours, and our Total Quality Management approach, flows through the firm. Commitments to quality, cleanliness, safety and efficiency are first and foremost. Our goal is to bring your project from design stage to fruition, on time, and within your budget.

We are a full-service, licensed, and insured company. A “Concrete Restoration Specialty Contractor”, Skyline management staff prides itself on keeping all key personnel apprised of the latest technologies within our industry. Utilizing a “teach the teacher ” approach; Certified work in Post-Tension repair and Carbon Fiber Reinforcing are areas where we excel. We have the resources to provide these, but we are not limited in our scope, which also includes but is not limited to Corrosion control, foundation, stucco repair, expansion joints, overlays, waterproofing, grouting methods, and railings. Our knowledge is extensive in Concrete and Structural restoration methods and a complete list of services are available.